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Yet another wedding fair

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We'll be exhibiting at the Manchester Art Gallery on Thursday 12th February. So not long to go! We'll also be the only stationers there, so fingers crossed we'll meet lots of lovely people and get a few orders too 😃

if you fancy popping along to see us, or anyone else, entry is absolutely free! There will be champagne, canapés and a catwalk with a difference. 

Wedding Fair

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Mum and I are proud to announce we are going to be exhibiting at this Autumn's wedding fair at EventCity, Manchester between 26th - 28th September!

We will be on stand number H44 near the catwalk and we have 10 pairs of complimentary tickets to give away too!

Catherine & Richard's wedding

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Attended an absolutely stunning wedding this weekend of my boyfriends friend Richard and his gorgeous (now) wife Catherine. It was an amazing day and I was lucky enough to be asked to do the place cards (some 80+) and the table names for the wedding, which was a true honour. 

I hope you will agree that they looked lovely, I got a few compliments on the day, hopefully the couple got a fair few too! But I will have to wait until after their mini-moon to find out.

New advertising methods

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I've had some sticky decals added to my car to advertise the company whilst driving around. Fingers crossed it will bring in a little bit of business, though we've got rather a lot going on at the moment anyway (which is good!)

Let me know if you see me bombing around anywhere.

Gay marriage is finally legal

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Never thought I'd see the day. I've followed this rather closely over the passed six months or so, not only because I'm in the wedding industry, but because I believe it to be fair and just.

I'm so happy for everyone this affects because their love is just as true and as strong as anyone else's and why should it matter which gender a person is?

This is 2014 and the people that believe marriage is just for a man and a woman are sadly outdated, in my opinion. This is a brilliant day! 


First Wedding Fair

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(written by Paula, daughter)

I guess I should start with this, on 13th February, I was in a car accident which left me with a rather severe case of whiplash and some chest wall injuries. This has made it quite difficult for me to do every day things, things as simple as dressing, and unfortunately it has left me temporarily unable to do my calligraphy.

However, yesterday - Sunday 23rd February - there was a wedding fair that I was scheduled to exhibit at. This fair was dear to my heart because it took place in a location that is very close to me, some of the people that work there have been extremely kind to me throughout the past week or so since the accident. Not only did I want to see them, to thank them for their kindness, but I truly wanted to display.


So... with the wonderful assistance of my partner Johnny (as my mum was away for her best friends birthday) I went to the wedding fair. Johnny and I did a lot of preperation the night before the fair and even some on the morning of, mostly Johnny I have to admit as I havent been able to move all that well, but we felt we had enough to be able to exhibit what my mum and I can do.

I have to say, it was worth all the pain, all the fuss, and all the running around. I managed to meet some amazing people that not only liked what we can do, but could actually imagine it being included in their wedding. The biggest day of their lives, and they were considering how our items would fit into their day. I found this such an honour, and truly humbling. I know that if/when my big day finally comes around, I will want it to be truly beautiful, and for someone to believe that what we can do is good enough, beautiful enough, for them to want to include it in their big day, this was wonderful. It felt wonderful.


I hope to be back to full fitness and have a bigger exhibit next time (not sure when that will be as yet, need to keep my eyes out for local fairs), including some templates of more things that we can offer, handmade of course. And I hope that we will be able to do more wedding fairs, and for them to be as successful, if not more so, than this one was yesterday.

A magical 60th birthday for a magical lady

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No calligraphy talk on this post I'm afraid (she says to all her avid readers *scough*) but still a very special post nonetheless.

 ~ * ~

Today is my partners mums 60th birthday, but you really wouldn't believe that if you were to see her.

We've been out for a family meal at the local haunt, and then it's home for birthday cake! Homemade, of course, with a small surprise inside, which I hope will put a smile on everyones faces.

 ~ * ~

I'd like to make a point of saying a very 'Happy Birthday' to you Val, because you are sadly going through quite a hardship at the moment, but you have an awe inspiring smile on your face that fools the world.

i love you, and I'm so happy that I have you, and your wonderful family, in my life.


From the beginning...

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I am going to start my first post with the most important thing I know. And that is to say, Thank You! 

I suppose I ought to introduce us. I am Paula, and I am 50% of Paula Denise calligraphy and wedding stationery. The other, and probably better, 50% is my mum Denise. (see what we did there?)

In 2012, I started off by doing the place cards for one of my friends weddings, and its all expanded from there really. I was soon asked to do another set of place cards and the table names for a bigger wedding, for a colleague at work. Then from there, I have been recommended to other friends, family and co-workers, and have now successfully completed stationery for five weddings and one 40th birthday party.

Our offering ranges from the small, to the very large. The smallest things we can do are calligraphy on place cards, and we can go all the way up to design and write of all-signing-all-dancing invitations and even table plans.

Sadly, we haven't got many examples of work that we have already completed, as I wasn't really expecting it to go much further than a favour for a friend. But over the next few months, we will be creating more work, simply as examples, and uploading them to our site.

I sincerely hope you like what you see, and look forward to seeing you again soon!