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First Wedding Fair

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(written by Paula, daughter)

I guess I should start with this, on 13th February, I was in a car accident which left me with a rather severe case of whiplash and some chest wall injuries. This has made it quite difficult for me to do every day things, things as simple as dressing, and unfortunately it has left me temporarily unable to do my calligraphy.

However, yesterday - Sunday 23rd February - there was a wedding fair that I was scheduled to exhibit at. This fair was dear to my heart because it took place in a location that is very close to me, some of the people that work there have been extremely kind to me throughout the past week or so since the accident. Not only did I want to see them, to thank them for their kindness, but I truly wanted to display.


So... with the wonderful assistance of my partner Johnny (as my mum was away for her best friends birthday) I went to the wedding fair. Johnny and I did a lot of preperation the night before the fair and even some on the morning of, mostly Johnny I have to admit as I havent been able to move all that well, but we felt we had enough to be able to exhibit what my mum and I can do.

I have to say, it was worth all the pain, all the fuss, and all the running around. I managed to meet some amazing people that not only liked what we can do, but could actually imagine it being included in their wedding. The biggest day of their lives, and they were considering how our items would fit into their day. I found this such an honour, and truly humbling. I know that if/when my big day finally comes around, I will want it to be truly beautiful, and for someone to believe that what we can do is good enough, beautiful enough, for them to want to include it in their big day, this was wonderful. It felt wonderful.


I hope to be back to full fitness and have a bigger exhibit next time (not sure when that will be as yet, need to keep my eyes out for local fairs), including some templates of more things that we can offer, handmade of course. And I hope that we will be able to do more wedding fairs, and for them to be as successful, if not more so, than this one was yesterday.