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A magical 60th birthday for a magical lady

Paula RimmerComment

No calligraphy talk on this post I'm afraid (she says to all her avid readers *scough*) but still a very special post nonetheless.

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Today is my partners mums 60th birthday, but you really wouldn't believe that if you were to see her.

We've been out for a family meal at the local haunt, and then it's home for birthday cake! Homemade, of course, with a small surprise inside, which I hope will put a smile on everyones faces.

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I'd like to make a point of saying a very 'Happy Birthday' to you Val, because you are sadly going through quite a hardship at the moment, but you have an awe inspiring smile on your face that fools the world.

i love you, and I'm so happy that I have you, and your wonderful family, in my life.