Paula Denise

From the beginning...

Paula RimmerComment

I am going to start my first post with the most important thing I know. And that is to say, Thank You! 

I suppose I ought to introduce us. I am Paula, and I am 50% of Paula Denise calligraphy and wedding stationery. The other, and probably better, 50% is my mum Denise. (see what we did there?)

In 2012, I started off by doing the place cards for one of my friends weddings, and its all expanded from there really. I was soon asked to do another set of place cards and the table names for a bigger wedding, for a colleague at work. Then from there, I have been recommended to other friends, family and co-workers, and have now successfully completed stationery for five weddings and one 40th birthday party.

Our offering ranges from the small, to the very large. The smallest things we can do are calligraphy on place cards, and we can go all the way up to design and write of all-signing-all-dancing invitations and even table plans.

Sadly, we haven't got many examples of work that we have already completed, as I wasn't really expecting it to go much further than a favour for a friend. But over the next few months, we will be creating more work, simply as examples, and uploading them to our site.

I sincerely hope you like what you see, and look forward to seeing you again soon!